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It is indeed my distinct pleasure to extend a very warm Kaselehlie and Welcome to each and every one of you to the Pohnpei State Government website. The website is designed primarily to inform and to share with the people of Pohnpei and the general public true and realistic information concerning what the government (executive branch) is doing, and at the same time to seek public input and guidance on how best we can improve delivery of public services to those that we serve.

We came into office in January 2008 with high hopes for positive change. As Governor, I pledged to uphold and faithfully carry out my mandates as enshrined in the Constitution and laws of the Pohnpei State and the Federated States of Micronesia. I realized that our State faces many challenges ahead and affirmed strong commitment to promote peace, unity, transparency and accountability.

Our objective is to provide a better life for our people. A life where those who seek work can find meaningful and gainful employment, live in a healthy environment with food that is abundant and safe, roads, water and power that are sound, fuel that is affordable and live long healthy prosperous lives. Our State continues to face a formidable array of challenges. Information regarding these challenges will be shared with you via the website as they are unfolded, dealt with and disposed of.

I appreciate the support and look forward to hearing from you all on best practices to improve public services going forward.  Kalahngan and Kaselehlie.

Ni wahu,

John Ehsa


First 100 days
Governor John Esha
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New Generator for Pohnpei State Hospital

PohnpeiMet 10-20-14

Liberation Day

On September 5, 2014, Pohnpei State Hospital held a ceremony for the completion of the installation of a new generator that was funded by U.S. Compact funds. Two Seabees from U.S. Navy Mobile Utilities Support Equipment Division installed a new emergency generator with an automatic transfer switch at the Pohnpei State Hospital. 

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Ire Keieu, Kepina John Ehsa Kadar Ohng Speaker Scaliem Keriauhn Kisin Likou Me Pid PUC.

Ni Octohpe 13, 2014, Kepina John Ehsa pwurehng kadar ohng Speaker Scaliem kisin likou kis me pid PUC me audepe sansal nin duwe met:

Maihng Mr. Speaker, mweihn ele ei tungol kisin likou en ni  Octohpe 2, 2014, ohng komwi me pidada kahpwal kan me PUC tungoleniki sohte alehdi kupwuren legislature, sang ni sohte pasapeng, iei me elehda kisin likou kiset.


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The Honorable John Ehsa addressing his welcoming remarks during the 35th Liberation Day 2014

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Job Opportunities[Updated!]

Detailed information on the vacancy announcement relating to announcement numbers, duties and responsibilities qualifications, requirements etc, may be obtained at the Division of Personnel, Department of Treasury and Administration,   (FSM) College of Micronesia (COM), and the Division of Personnel, Labor and Manpower Development, Department of Treasury and Administration at Kolonia, or at the places where positions are located.


November 6, 2014 Listing!

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